customer story


VIVID Homes are currently going through a business transformation programme, meaning lots of new applications, infrastructure, and services will be transitioning over to the service desk. There’s a lot of work in training the Service Desk Analysts, but it’s also important to share that knowledge with the wider business so that they feel confident and comfortable either using the knowledge base to resolve issues themselves, or to log tickets.

TOPdesk allows us to provide a reliable Service Desk for staff to go to for information, to answer queries, and to contact IT, HR, and Facilities and we’re proud of what we have implemented since 2021

Matt Fuller, IT Service Desk Manager

What’s involved in transitioning to a new service, application or infrastructure?


VIVID started with adding a new supplier in the Supplier & Contracts module. They’ll include the supplier’s contact details, as well as key contacts at the supplier. They all store all contract and SLA information so that it can be referred back to later down the line.


VIVID find asset management particularly useful for reporting on which objects and assets are generating the most incident tickets. As the asset records contain all the key information, the Service Desk will know not just what the asset is, but who supports it, who the business owner is, and who the supplier was. This means that the Service Desk has all the information needed which will speed up resolution times.

By creating assets for any new physical or virtual infrastructure items, it allows the 2nd and 3rd line teams to store configuration backups of any devices, which will also have all the settings and history of any devices.

Knowledge base:

“The knowledge base is probably THE most important part of any new item or service that we transition over to the Service Desk”, continues Matt. “TOPdesk enables us to create knowledge items quickly and easily, empowering all 90 of our TOPdesk operators to create and update them. The keywords function is also really good, meaning users can find article about their query quick and easily, and our operators can find knowledge items for any issues they’re trying to resolve.”

Self service portal:

The self service portal enables users to resolve their own queries, as well as log tickets with the full and correct information provided to the operators upfront. “Using the TOPdesk designer, we can add new tiles, services, and forms to the portal as needed. If users can’t find what they’re looking for to resolve the query, they can submit a form which asks them all the questions we require answers for in order to assist them. This means we get the correct information first time, instead of going back and forth and increasing resolution times”, finishes Matt.