ServiceNow vs. TOPdesk: A fair ITSM software comparison

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If you’re looking for a solution to better manage your IT services, wading through the options can be overwhelming. Which ITSM tool is right for you? And what are the key differences? Among the options available, TOPdesk and ServiceNow are often main contenders.

What can you expect from this blog?

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the features and benefits of both ServiceNow and TOPdesk. We’re not here to convince you to purchase TOPdesk if it’s not a good fit for your organization. This blog was written based on our years of ITSM experience in our desire to help IT professionals like yourself.

At TOPdesk, we know that our ITSM software is not the perfect fit for all companies. We hope that this blog gives you the information you need to understand when TOPdesk is right for you or when ServiceNow may be the better choice.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction to ServiceNow
  2. Introduction to TOPdesk
  3. TOPdesk versus ServiceNow
  4. When to choose ServiceNow and when to choose TOPdesk
  5. Conclusion: Making the right choice for your organization

Introduction to ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a cloud-based ITSM platform that streamlines business processes and enhances service delivery by providing a wide range of services such as IT service management, IT operations management, and IT business management.

You’re a good customer for ServiceNow if you…

  • Are a large multinational giant, like Coca Cola.
  • Have complex ITSM needs.
  • Have a large IT team.
  • Want a solution to fit your exact needs (i.e. highly customized).
  • Have an extensive budget.

Key benefits of ServiceNow

Key Benefit #1: Extensive feature set

ServiceNow offers an array of features to cater to the needs of companies with a classic organizational model. From IT service management to enterprise-level service automation, ServiceNow has a comprehensive platform that can be tailor made to fit complex and specific IT needs.

Key Benefit #2: Integration capabilities

ServiceNow offers integrations for specific use cases or issues. This can come in handy if your organization needs to focus on specific issues.

Key Benefit #3: Customizations

ServiceNow offers a high level of customization options. They make it perfect for a company’s specific case. It’s good to keep in mind that a ServiceNow specialist will need to do the customization and customizations with ServiceNow can be time-consuming and costly. Customizations can also result in a lack of standardization and best practices. In comparison: TOPdesk focuses on standardized solutions based on best practices.

Introduction to TOPdesk: Making service happen, step by step

TOPdesk’s ITSM philosophy is all about adaptability and continuous improvement.

In a world where expectations will continue to rise, only service teams that can adapt will thrive.

We take a comprehensive approach to service management, combining an easy-to-use ITSM tool and consultancy from in-house experts. With a focus on adaptability and continual improvement, TOPdesk’s aim is to empower service teams to deliver consistently great IT experiences.

You’re a good customer for TOPdesk if you…

  • Are a mid-size to enterprise company.
  • Want local support in your language.
  • Want to implement ITSM based on best practices.
  • Want a flexible ITSM solution that can scale with your organization.

Key benefits of TOPdesk

Key benefit #1: Best practices approach to service desk organization

TOPdesk’s approach differs to ServiceNow’s when it comes to ITSM software. Not all features are implemented from the start – all users start with the basics, but also the tools, resources, and training they need to be successful.

With TOPdesk’s best practices approach, you won’t need any coding or external consultants to improve and adjust the tool based on your organization’s needs. This gives you more flexibility to quickly adapt to changes in your business.

Key benefit #2: Better collaboration between departments

TOPdesk facilitates strong collaboration between different departments through an intuitive self-service portal. Teams can work together and keep customers informed through a single point of contact. By breaking down silos and fostering cross-departmental collaboration, TOPdesk enables organizations to deliver cohesive and customer-centric services.

Key benefit #3: Impress your users every day

Meeting user expectations is crucial for building trust and loyalty. TOPdesk provides service desk reporting and analytics tools that offer insights into service performance and trends. With this data, organizations can proactively identify areas for improvement and implement solutions without the need for complex coding or external consultants. With TOPdesk, you can consistently exceed user expectations and position your organization as a leader when it comes to IT services.

Comparing TOPdesk and ServiceNow

Now that we’ve explored the key benefits of TOPdesk and ServiceNow, let’s see how they stack up against each other.


ServiceNow: ServiceNow is often more expensive than TOPdesk due to its comprehensive customization options and bespoke solution.

TOPdesk: TOPdesk, being more straightforward and easier to use out-of-the-box, is usually more affordable. Check out TOPdesk’s pricing and plans.

User experience and user-friendliness

ServiceNow: ServiceNow offers a comprehensive set of features. Some users find its interface complex and challenging to navigate, especially for first-time or non-technical users.

TOPdesk: TOPdesk has an easy-to-use interface, which allows users to navigate the platform effortlessly. The software is easy to tweak, so that organizations can tailor the solution to their specific needs without extensive customization.

Complexity and customizations

ServiceNow: ServiceNow is recognized for its highly customizable nature, allowing larger enterprises to tailor the software to their exact needs.

TOPdesk: TOPdesk is less complex and offers fewer bespoke customizations, opting for a more comprehensive product out-of-the-box.

Scalability and flexibility

ServiceNow: Due to the highly customized nature of ServiceNow, the software is less flexible and agile and will be difficult to adapt to growth and change.

TOPdesk: TOPdesk is built with agility and ITSM best practices in mind, making it the ideal choice for organizations who need to adapt to changes quickly.

Implementation, consultancy, support and training

ServiceNow: ServiceNow relies on partners for implementation and consultancy but offers 24/7 technical support for product issues after go-live.

TOPdesk: TOPdesk works with you to evaluate your business needs, create an implementation plan, define roles, and help you implement the software.

Importantly, TOPdesk offers local support in your language, as well as a Self-Service Portal where users can make requests, browse the service catalogue, and find answers 24/7.

TOPdesk also offers trainings, so you and your team have all the knowledge they need to make your service delivery a success.

Learn more about TOPdesk’s ITSM services.

When to choose ServiceNow and when to choose TOPdesk

Choose ServiceNow when:

  • You want a “perfect fit” solution to your organization’s complex ITSM needs.
  • Your organization requires an extensive array of features and functionalities.
  • You have the resources, budget, expertise and time to invest in implementation and customizations.
  • You have a flexible schedule and can work with a longer implementation time.

Choose TOPdesk when:

  • You prioritize ease of use and an agile-first approach in IT service management.
  • You prefer a personal sales and customer support approach.
  • Your organization seeks a solution that can be quickly implemented with the help of in-house experts.
  • You want to focus on continuous improvement and want a solution that can grow alongside your organization and market needs.

Making the right choice for your organization

Ultimately, the decision between TOPdesk and ServiceNow depends on your organization’s unique needs and priorities:

  • If your organization is highly complex, needs bespoke work to account for existing processes, and exceeds 10,000 full-time employees, ServiceNow is most likely the choice for you.
  • If your organization wants a solution that’s ready-to-use and adaptable, prefers a more personal touch, and plans to grow quickly, TOPdesk is likely a better fit for your needs.

Whether you choose TOPdesk or ServiceNow, our goal remains the same – to prioritize consistently great service delivery and continual improvement within ITSM.

If you want to learn more about TOPdesk, feel free to get in touch below or learn more about TOPdesk’s ITSM software. Let’s make service happen together!