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With 70 offices in 38 countries, Baker & McKenzie is one of the world’s most renowned law firms. The Dutch office is located in an impressive building in Amsterdam. They employ 350 people, of which almost half are lawyers. The IT and Facilities departments use TOPdesk to support them.

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Shared Service Management

In 2002, when Jeroen van Geem started working at Baker & McKenzie as system administrator, the IT department had been using TOPdesk Professional for a couple of years. “TOPdesk was purchased in 1999, but the IT department never took the time to properly set up the software. That is why it was hardly used. When I started here, they were thinking of purchasing a new tool, but I knew TOPdesk from my previous employer and was aware of the software’s possibilities. That is why I said, ‘Let’s just start setting up TOPdesk.’ I updated the entire tool: adjusted categorizations, cleaned up fields, and created a new tree structure. These changes showed that TOPdesk had added value.”

Baker & McKenzie’s IT department used TOPdesk Professional for years after this. However, during this period it was centrally decided that all Baker & Mckenzie’s IT departments worldwide needed to start working in a single tool. Jeroen van Geem was not happy with this. “The other application was forced upon us by the global IT department. We did use a pilot version for a while, but it did not offer the features we were used to having with TOPdesk. So I said: ‘This is all well and good, but we are taking three steps back with this tool when it comes to functionalities.’ That is why we continued with TOPdesk.”

The consultant translated our wishes into the TOPdesk set-up

A step forward for IT and FM

At the 2007 Tooling Event, Jeroen van Geem heard that TOPdesk released a new version: TOPdesk Enterprise. “The structure behind Enterprise is even better,” explains Jeroen van Geem, and the version offered possibilities for integration with our Facilities department – something that we had wanted for a while. The integration of IT and facilities is especially convenient for matters such as employee commencement. A new employee doesn’t only need a new PC and an account, but a desk and chair as well. IT and facilities frequently work together because we get about twenty people each month who commence or exit, along with a lot of internal relocation. Arranging all this by email simply wouldn’t work.”

Baker & McKenzie

Listening to the employees’ needs

The upgrade from TOPdesk Professional to Enterprise was done one step at a time. To start, Call Management was implemented for the IT department. “We wanted to get a solid basis and become familiar with Enterprise’s new functionalities. We then implemented Call Management and Operations Management for facilities. Only when both departments were up and running did we start merging the two environments.” Jeroen van Geem explains that the introduction of TOPdesk at the Facilities department had a tough start. “The employees were used to working with notes, so they felt like we were forcing them to use something new. Thanks to our TOPdesk consultant they now prefer working with TOPdesk. He spent a lot of time listening to our facilities employees’ wishes and translated them into the TOPdesk set-up. He also provided clear instructions on how they could use the software. The consultant made sure that the facilities employees supported the new way of working.” The Facilities department now uses TOPdesk for property management, registering access passes, email registration and processing new users and moves.

Quick, slick and clear

Both departments have now been working with TOPdesk Enterprise for half a year. Jeroen van Geem is enthusiastic. “TOPdesk mainly helps us process calls quickly. We have, so to speak, already filled out the entire call card before a caller starts explaining their problem. The interface is terrific: it is quick, slick and clear – you can see that a considerable amount of thought was put into it. It is also adjustable; you can determine which fields you want to show or hide. This is essential because nobody will use the software if it is too complex.” The organization is also pleased with the reporting options. “The reporting options are very good, my boss loves them. Reports are easy to make and they create a lot of insight for management. But they are also helpful for us. When our boss asks us whether there’s enough work for everyone, we can create a report that shows that we have more than a thousand calls a month for IT alone.”

Expanding TOPdesk

TOPdesk is now also used for the Library Information Center, Baker & McKenzie’s library. They register the questions and information requests about their collection in Call Management. “They don’t need many functionalities, so we have set up their filters and permission groups in TOPdesk to only display the things they need, explains Jeroen van Geem. Incidents for other departments and categorizations that they don’t use are invisible to them.”

But there are more far-reaching plans, as van Geem explains. “We are thinking about setting up TOPdesk for our HR department. We now need to email an Excel sheet around when a new employee commences, but it would be much easier if HR could use TOPdesk’s templates in Change Management.”


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