IT Asset Management software

Get a comprehensive overview of all your assets

One CMDB. Full control.

Knowledge is power, but it’s also the key to efficiency. TOPdesk’s CMDB lets you register and keep track of everything your supporting departments need: object types, software licences, suppliers, financial information and more. Having one clear overview not only saves time – it also lets you quickly spot potential problems with your configuration items.

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 Graphical Overview

Graphical overviews of all your assets

Can’t see the wood for the trees? The attractive graphical overviews of our IT Asset Management tool make even the most complex configurations a piece of cake. Operators can see at a glance who is using which computer, which software is installed, and the workstation where it is set up. What’s more, impact analysis is made easy thanks to visualized links between servers and network components.

 Asset Management

Pinpoint problems with ease

All processes in TOPdesk are connected. This means that adding your assets to our ITAM software grants you unprecedented insight into your IT infrastructure. With the bat of an eye you'll see which items cause the most calls, find out which operational tasks were performed in the server park, see the most frequently asked questions for specific software, and much more.

 License Management

Licence management made easy

Keeping track of all your software licences is a breeze with IT Asset Management. Maintain an overview of all current licences – as soon as you assign an application to a user or group. Our ITAM software also sends notifications when the number of licences for a specific application drops below a predetermined level, and keeps you up to date on when licences are due to expire. Never find yourself scrambling to renew again.

Did you know you can easily integrate TOPdesk's Asset Management tool with a variety of other applications such as Nagios, LANDesk, SCOM, SCCM and SAP?


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