Construction in our codebase: keeping up with the times

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At TOPdesk, we are serious about our product. One way we are showing this is by staying up-to-date with current technologies. If nothing ever changed, you would be less interested in using our software. Eventually TOPdesk wouldn’t exist anymore. A while ago we started planning for large reconstruction projects in the codebase of TOPdesk.

Think of our codebase as a big city. All cities need a lot of maintenance. However, if construction workers focused only on keeping old things working, the city would quickly slide down the list of places you want to live.

Innovation is crucial to a city’s success. Old cities weren’t built with wide roads, water and gas pipes, electricity or internet. These new features were added gradually by people listening to the call of modern times. If the city council postponed or completely disregarded these improvements, then companies and people would decide to move to another place. All that would be left is a ghost town.

Just like in urban engineering, software needs to keep up with innovations and listen to the calls of its time. While we are busy with adding new features to our product, we are also doing our best to keep our ear to the ground, listening for those signals which indicate the need to change.

Because of this, we are currently busy with big construction works in our codebase. Follow the Construction in our Codebase blogs to keep up-to-date on the changes we are making. We will try to explain what we are busy with and why, so you are also involved and know exactly what to expect from TOPdesk in the future.

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