Service Automation Blog

What’s the next step after self-service? Service automation: delivering a service in a completely automated manner, without any interference of the service desk at all. Goodbye long wait times; hello lower costs, happier end users, and more time for innovation.


Everything you need to know about Action Sequences

In this blog post we discuss one of the simplest ways to start automating your services in TOPdesk – Action Sequences.


How Ferranti uses service automation to save time

In this interview Yoline Neegers, member of the Service Desk team at Ferranti, shares how her team uses service automation.


Everything you need to know about service automation

What is service automation and how can your team make the most of it? Discover everything you need to know in this post.


5 IT tasks you should be automating

Automation is a major IT trend. But what does automation look like in practice? Find out which 5 IT tasks you should be automating.


The High Cost of Password Resets: Are password resets draining your IT department?

How much time does your IT department spend on password resets? At first sight,...


Why the digital workforce won’t take over the service desk

You might worry about it, but the digital workforce at the service desk won’t replace service desk staff any time soon. Here’s why.