In a nutshell, IT Service Management (ITSM) is about providing customers with well-organized IT services that add value to your organization’s business goals. Yes, ITSM makes sure customers get to enjoy a PC that works. But it also uses processes such as incident management, asset management, and problem management to add value through IT services. Simply put, ITSM helps your entire organization perform better. Get educational articles, content, videos, and more with the TOPdesk ITSM blog.


Best-of-breed vs best-of-suite – which solution works for you?

If you’re in the market for ITSM software, one of the choices you’ll have...


Top 4 ITSM Trends in 2024

What ITSM trends and developments will we see in 2024? And how will these impact the way you work? Renske van der Heide, Head of Strategy and Innovation, shares her findings.


What are the benefits of Shift Left for ITSM?

What does shift left mean for ITSM? Discover the definition and the five core benefits of shifting left for IT departments.


More efficient, customer-centric IT services? Try Lean Service Management

With customer expectations on the rise and technology advancing rapidly, IT departments are under...


Is your IT team in need of a mindset shift? 3 signs it’s time for a change

The world of IT service management looks very different to how it did five...


4 knowledge management best practices for a more efficient IT service desk

Is your IT service desk overrun with recurring incidents like password resets? There’s a solution...


3 advantages of ITSM tooling for IT departments in manufacturing

The manufacturing industry plays a crucial role in the economic development of countries. This,...


The 4 biggest IT challenges in education and how to tackle them

Helping thousands of students and faculty members with their IT requests is no easy...


Everything you need to know about Action Sequences

In this blog post we discuss one of the simplest ways to start automating your services in TOPdesk – Action Sequences.


How Ferranti uses service automation to save time

In this interview Yoline Neegers, member of the Service Desk team at Ferranti, shares how her team uses service automation.


Everything you need to know about service automation

What is service automation and how can your team make the most of it? Discover everything you need to know in this post.


Service desk KPIs: the low-down

So you want to set targets for your department. But where do you start?...


What is Best Practice Service Management?

With customer expectations on the rise, it’s more important than ever for IT departments...


3 ways to adapt your IT services to meet rising customer expectations

Customer expectations are on the rise: Microsoft’s Global State of Customer Service Report states...


Locating missing Chromebooks: How Asset Management Tracking can help school board IT leaders

School board IT leaders, it’s okay if you don’t know where all the Chromebooks...


What is ITSM? Everything you need to know about IT service management

If you’ve worked in IT for a while, you’ve probably heard the phrase ITSM...


What tasks can chatbots do for your service desk?

Do your service desk employees see chatbots as a threat? This blog should help...


The 5 biggest BYOD cybersecurity risks

The rise of remote working means more and more people are opting to use...


5 IT tasks you should be automating

Automation is a major IT trend. But what does automation look like in practice? Find out which 5 IT tasks you should be automating.


6 ways to boost your organization’s IT security

Keeping breaches at bay is a major priority for IT departments. Here are our 6 top tips for strengthening your organization’s IT security. 


Service Desk and AI: Why AI will Never Replace Humans

Artificial intelligence (AI): it’s a hot topic, but it’s also often misunderstood. And with...


The cybersecurity risks of remote working

Remote working is here to stay. In fact, according to a Gartner survey, over 82%...


Why your change process is too slow – and how to fix it

The change management process can be long and tedious, slowing down your organization. How...


5 key metrics for your Service Department

What key metrics do you keep track of? When almost any interaction with your...


What is shadow IT? Answers to 5 frequently asked questions

The IT department is responsible for all things IT. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Wrong....


Why you should use ITIL as a framework – not a set of rules

Often, when organizations use frameworks such as ITIL for their processes, they focus a little too...


Regain control of your service desk with these 8 tips for working smarter

Meet Michael. Before switching to smart, he was tired of feeling overwhelmed, of incidents...


More than just a tool: how TOPdesk’s values are built into our solution

In this blog post, we delve into how TOPdesk’s service management software goes beyond...


The High Cost of Password Resets: Are password resets draining your IT department?

How much time does your IT department spend on password resets? At first sight,...


What is swarming? And how does it benefit your IT support?

Chances are your IT support currently resolves its tickets based on the traditional three-tiered...


A look at the service desk of the future

As customer expectations rise, service desks are being forced to adapt to meet increasing...


How much should an ITSM tool cost?

What should an ITSM tool cost? Although this is a complicated question to answer,...


Finding the right ITSM vendor: 5 questions to ask when shortlisting solutions

If the people in your IT department can’t catch up with all the incoming calls, can’t...


TOPdesk ITSM software: more time for the things that truly matter

Let’s get rid of that stress at your IT department once and for all. Impossible you...


The 3 biggest advantages of modern ITSM tools for your service desk

Is your IT service desk always swamped with requests? Are you too busy firefighting...


KCS: reduce IT call volume and service desk workload

In the quest for efficiency, service desk managers are constantly asking questions. How can...


The benefits of knowledge management for your service desk

Getting knowledge management right has never been easy. You know that in the long...


The benefits of service desk automation

Handling incidents at the service desk can be quite a time sink. Your team...


ITAM vs ITSM – how they differ and complement each other

Industry expert Stephen Mann introduces the first blog in a series all about IT...


Baseline measurement to achieve service excellence

Planning to do an improvement project within your organization? Such as implementing Knowledge Management?...


Understanding the Incident Priority Matrix

The tickets keep rolling in and they are all over the place. Of course,...


How to simplify your change management process

Change management processes sometimes become overly complicated. When you get too caught up in...


5 service level agreement (SLA) best practices for better business outcomes

Industry expert Stephen Mann is back with another blog! Today, he shares what makes...


How to maintain security when employees work remotely

It’s safe to say that we’re living in unprecedented times. Organizations all around the...


What happened to the ITIL service lifecycle in ITIL 4?

Industry expert Stephen Mann is back with another blog. This time, he’s going to...


Using forms in your self-service portal: 4 best practices

Since the majority of people are working from home nowadays, your customers will definitely...


5 ITIL incident management best practices

In his previous blog, industry expert Stephen Mann shared ten practical problem management tips....


ITIL problem management: 10 practical tips to help you get started

In his previous blog, industry expert Stephen Mann explained why ITIL problem management adoption...


ITIL problem management: can ITIL 4 finally fix the problem?

Many organizations only use ITIL problem management tools and techniques in a reactive way – usually in response to a major incident. And that’s a problem.


26 IT service management terms – from ABC to XLA

The field of service management is no stranger to buzzwords. What do terms like...


ITSM & DevOps: friends or foes?

ITSM & DevOps: Friends or foes? Spoiler: It’s friends. Pacing is the challenge, communication is the key. Find out more in this blog post.


Halloween: 5 IT security nightmares to keep you up all night

It’s October again. It’s time for Halloween, so it’s the season to be scared....


Improving Problem Management: 5 best practices

In Service Departments, there’s a tendency to focus on resolving immediate incidents rather than...


How to implement KCS in 6 steps: Training and Coaching

Getting Knowledge Management right has always been tricky. It’s always important, but never urgent. Knowledge...


How to implement KCS in 5 steps – and get measurable results

Getting Knowledge Management right has always been tricky. It’s always important, but never urgent. Knowledge...


How AI makes service desk customers more self-sufficient

How self-sufficient are your service desk customers? Shift Left is a method for making...


Preparing for Knowledge Sharing: overcoming Knowledge Management challenges

Whether you are just looking to start the process of better knowledge sharing in...


ITIL 4: the new service management bible?

Last week saw the publication of the first part of ITIL 4: ITIL Foundation....


Why the digital workforce won’t take over the service desk

You might worry about it, but the digital workforce at the service desk won’t replace service desk staff any time soon. Here’s why.


How will AI and Machine learning change service management?

Artificial Intelligence – AI – is a popular topic at service management events. It’s...


5 vital Knowledge Base KPIs for better Self-Service

Knowledge Management is a never-ending process; continuous development in your organization means the knowledge...


Writing better Knowledge Base Articles

So often, the problem with knowledge bases is that they are hard to understand....


Making your IT Service Level Agreements more flexible

While Service Level Agreements in ITSM are great for many things, relying on them...


The key to proactive Problem Management

Incident Management is a core task for any Service Desk. And we all know...


Practicing what we preach – how we implemented Shift Left at TOPdesk

Shift left is a bit of our mantra at TOPdesk, so why would we...