4 customer satisfaction KPIs for your service desk

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Service desks are getting more customer-oriented, but their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) stay the same. We still measure duration and response times and the number of processed calls per month.

Useful, but it doesn’t tell you whether your customers are really happy. So, besides your current KPIs, consider using these 4 customer satisfaction KPIs:

KPI 1: Customer Effort Score

Are you keeping track of your Customer Effort Score (CES)? If not, well, you should be. And if you are, you know how important this metric is when it comes to safeguarding your customer-centric approach. The Customer Effort Score measures how much effort your customer had to put into contacting your service desk. The less effort, the better.

You measure how much effort your customer had to put into contacting your service desk. The less effort, the better. So why not turn CES into a KPI? Need to get some tips on receiving customer feedback?

KPI 2: First time right

What’s better than running into a problem, calling the service desk, and getting your problem solved straight away? It’s second only to not running into any problems at all.

Keep track of how often your department provides this kind of fantastic service with the first time right KPI. It monitors what percentage of calls you’re able to close during the first customer contact.

KPI 3: Self-service opportunities

Making your customers more independent is a big part of increasing customer satisfaction. So if you go through all the effort required to achieve this, you want to make sure your Service Catalogue and Knowledge Base are used.

Tracking incoming questions that customers can answer themselves can let you know whether you need to improve or promote your self-service facilities.

KPI 4: Customer satisfaction

And of course the most important KPI of all: customer satisfaction. Ask your customers what they think of your service. There are various ways to score customer satisfaction, from CSAT to NPS.

These measurements work best with regular surveys instead of annual measurements to give you more accurate and immediate insight into the results of your department’s efforts.

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