TOPdesk ITSM software: more time for the things that truly matter

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Let’s get rid of that stress at your IT department once and for all. Impossible you say?

Here you can watch how Omar was at work. He was always working late: answering urgent emails, and spending hours creating reports. One day he couldn’t even make it to his daughter’s basketball game.

Transforming IT Worklife: Real-Life stories of IT managers benefiting from TOPdesk ITSM software

The good news is: he found TOPdesk. Emails are now imported into the system automatically and prioritized, customers see standard solutions in the knowledge base, and Omar’s automated reports are sent straight to his managers in no time. All the ingredients for a relaxed IT team, giving them time for things that matter.

Discover three other examples of IT managers who turned their hectic worklife around with our ITSM software.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

Boosted their self-service from 4% to over 70%

To reduce the pressure on their service departments, the school replaced their old self-service portal with TOPdesk in 2015. Together we redesigned their service catalogue using input from end-user focus groups. The result? Within a year of introducing the new self-service portal, its uptake improved from 4% to over 70%. End users are now happy, rating IT services with a 4.7 out of 5 on average.

Caroline Fernyhough, IT service desk manager at LSHTM: “TOPdesk saves everyone a lot of time. Incidents are directly assigned to the right operator, and we can respond to customers sooner.”

Flynth accountancy, the Netherlands

Reduced the number of phone calls by 25%

From password resets to network problems: the IT department was feeling overwhelmed with all the phone calls coming in, and they didn’t know how to prioritize. Flynth started using TOPdesk SaaS in 2020, and the number of phone calls has since dropped by 25%.

Oscar Hameetman, project manager: “Making users self-reliant and solving incidents with knowledge items in TOPdesk saves us half a workday per month. Our customer happiness score is an 8+ thanks to the significant reduction in waiting times.”

Making users self-reliant and solving incidents with knowledge items in TOPdesk saves us half a workday per month. Our customer happiness score is an 8+ thanks to the significant reduction in waiting times.

District School Board of Niagara, Canada

Set up TOPdesk in 6 days, automating their most important processes

The IT department at DSBN had trouble logging requests, communicating with users and tracking progress in their old system. Within 6 days, TOPdesk was set up and automating their most important processes.

Derek Galipeau, supervisor of technical services: “We can help users much more quickly and see things like caller details and conversation history in one clear overview. Tasks are passed between operators in a single click, and they’re automatically alerted to possible standard solutions. On the dashboard, service desk staff see how many calls are coming into the service desk, who is handling which call, and the status of each call.”

How TOPdesk can help your IT department quickly

  • TOPdesk is out-of-the-box ITSM software, meaning it’s quick to set up.
  • Our software is based on 25+ years of experience. We’ve included all the things that have worked for our customers, so our tool is packed with best practices and handy templates for processes like Incident Management.
  • Onboarding is fast and personal: our in-house consultants care about your success, and make sure the set-up meets your needs.
  • Once set up, you can easily adjust TOPdesk yourself, so it continues to grow with you.
  • It integrates seamlessly with other tools you already use.
  • Our in-house support specialists are always available to help you out.

Which ITSM tool will free up your time?

Implementing the right ITSM tool for your business can help you work smarter, so you have time for things that truly matter.

Of course we’d like to say TOPdesk can help. But choosing a tool is a very personal decision, and there’s a lot of different vendors out there.

To help you choose, check out this free buyer’s guide. It includes tips for comparing solutions, and a 5-step plan to find the ITSM tool that perfectly aligns with your needs.